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1st Brisbane Hamilton Island Race 2019

Brisbane Hamilton Island Race 2019: 1st for Ocean Gem

The Lendlease Brisbane to Hamilton Island Yacht Race is one of Australia’s longest tropical category 2 offshore yacht races, and will deliver competitors to the wonderful destination of Hamilton Island, in time for Whitsunday Race Weeks.

Inaugural Lendlease Brisbane to Hamilton Island Yacht Race organised by the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron started 1100hrs Friday August 2, 2019 from Moreton Bay.

Brisbane to Hamilton Island Yacht Race 2019

Ocean Gem became 1st in Division 2 in Lendlease Brisbane to Hamilton Island Yacht Race

“What a great race we just had to Hamilton Island and thinking we had finished 2nd overall, it was a shock to get the trophy for both IRC and PHS in division two. What we thought we knew based on online results 2 hours before we finished was that we were going to be at least an hour too late finishing, to get 1st (but the online results were not up to date). But we pushed hard with gybes, sail changes and crew weight distribution right to the end of the race. In the end it paid off when we found out we had actually won and by just 6 minutes on corrected time after a 2 day 17 hour race. It just reinforces pushing hard all the way to the finish. Yves Couedic, Alex Lomakin, Tim Wolff, Kris Hook and Lena Padukova did a brilliant job along with 3 other guest crew, of sailing the boat well and managing the sail changes and gybes with a smile.”

Testimonial Alex Lomakin

What makes it so special is the crew that shared this achievement. Through David we found the next level in offshore racing and found what it takes to win. Everyone really clicked when everything was strained and running on the edge. I’ve never seen a crew come together so well, trimming, calling wind shifts, backing up, supporting all came to a new level. 👏👏Congratulations to Ocean Gem, David Hows and all the crew who sailed this race. 2 Days,16 hours, 59 minutes, 4 seconds.

Testimonial Tim Wolff

Tim Wolff It is an honour and a privilege to sail on the Gem with the crew and all the people that make racing this boat so much fun. To finish a race safely with no breakages is a win for us. To actually win our division is a testament to the hard work that Dave and his family do so that we can all sail on her.
I raise a glass or 16 to David Hows Danielle Hows team ocean gem and sponsor’s
It was an awesome race. Roll on Hammo Race week

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