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Category: Boats

An ode to the team of Volvo 65 Sisi

An ode to the team of Volvo 65 Sisi or how you can sail fast even with two left shoes

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Only 200 miles to go until Cabo Verde for Volvo 65 Sisi

A demanding first leg will probably end with an excellent ranking for Volvo 65 Sisi. After the strenuous start, the

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All of Volvo 65 Sisi’s Caribbean sailing events 2023

After the first offshore leg from Alicante to Cape Verde, Sisi joins the 2023 Caribbean racing season. Will you join?

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70ft expedition yacht Salt Lines joins us

New 70ft Expedition Yacht Salt Lines joins us. Matt’s passion for sailing has him plunging headfirst into commercial yacht ownership

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Volvo 65 Childhood 1 renamed Janssen de Jong

In September 2021, after returning from The Ocean Race Europe, the boat was named, Janssen de Jong instead of Childhood

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Sailing and Racing Program Volvo 70 Telefonica Black postponed until April 2021

Unfortunately, we have had to make the extremely difficult decision to postpone the sailing and racing program of Volvo 70

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Kali’s Atlantic Crossing St.Maarten-Cascais

Finally leaving St.Maarten Kali’s Atlantic Crossing St.Maarten-Cascais started Mid May 2020. Sailing Yacht Kali left St.Maarten after being in quarantine due

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Introduction of Volvo 65 Sisi

Volvo 65 Sisi Here is an introduction of Volvo 65 Sisi, the boat of The Austrian Ocean Race Project. The

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Introduction of 3 new Volvo 70 Race Yachts

Volvo is not only a good car. It is one of the most exciting boats in the world! We like

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