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Crossing the Atlantic is a tipping point: ARC 2019

Crossing the Atlantic is a tipping point: ARC 2019

Crossing the Atlantic is a tipping point

The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers has been the benchmark for those wishing to complete a transatlantic voyage since 1986. Thousands have successfully made the passage since then and in the process had a fantastic experience developing their sailing skills, racing or cruising down one of the world’s most famous trading routes and no doubt meeting new friends and crewmates along the way.

ARC crew 2018
ARC crew 2018

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, November 22nd – December 7th
Las Palmas to Saint Lucia

This is the classic Atlantic Crossing route – heading down the famous North Easterly Trade winds to the Caribbean

With training and the travel you arrange- this 2700Nm route will be all done and dusted in just 16 days.

ARC Route Map
ARC Route

Combination of racing and training

The goal is to provide you access to a unique combination of racing and training under the mentorship of a highly experienced sailor. We assist sailors of any skill level to realize their
potential by developing their seamanship, teambuilding and racing skills in a challenging but safe environment.

You become an active member of our crew, not just a passenger with the opportunity to assist in helming, sail trimming and all the normal duties of a crew member while having the opportunity to learn about weather routing, navigation, race tactics and shorthanded
sailing techniques.

Challenger Volvo 60 ARC 2018
Challenger Volvo 60 ARC 2018

The yacht: Volvo 60 Challenger

We will be using our Whitbread 60 ‘Challenger ‘ for this event which means that we will have plenty of opportunity to experience the higher speeds and quicker transit time associated with this kind of performance vessel. We ask all crew to bear in mind though that safety and not speed is our primary concern.
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Your Skipper: Chris Stanmore-Major

Chris Stanmore-Major (CSM) is an experienced offshore sailor & sail training instructor.

  • As of 2019 CSM has sailed over 315,000 Nautical Miles (further than the distance to the moon).
  • Skippered 2 x 60ft+ Race Boats in Round the World Events (Clipper 09/10 & Velux 5 Oceans 10/11)
  • CSM is the 182nd person ever to sail Solo Around the World South of the 3 Stormy Capes.
  • Founder of Spartan Ocean Racing & Training

Take the challenge and get out on the water

Crew Volvo 60 Challenger
Crew Volvo 60 Challenger

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