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Delivery Vigo-Aarhus 20 May 2023 Volvo 65 Sisi

Delivery Vigo-Aarhus 20 May 2023 Volvo 65 Sisi

We received the confirmation that Volvo 65 will sail the delivery from Vigo to Aarhus with guests! The start in Vigo is May 20. The planned arrival in Aarhus is on May 28. The price is 800€ as it is on short notice.

Watch the Imocas arriving in Aarhus from Newport

The Imocas ETA in Aarhus is May 30 if somebody wants to stay longer in Denmark and watch The Ocean Race action!

21 January 2023, Leg 1 onboard Austrian Ocean Racing powered by Team Genova.

New Deliveries on the Calendar

We have the following new deliveries listed:

    • Vigo-Aarhus, 20-28 May: 10 places
    • Genoa-Vigo, 6-11 July 2023: Sold Out
    • Vigo-Gosport, 14-18 July 2023: Sold out
    • Gosport-Vigo, 29 July-1 August: 7 places
    • Vigo-Malaga, 8-12 August: 7 places
    • Malaga-Palermo, 13-18 August: 10 places
    • Genoa-St.Tropez, 27-28 September: 10 places
    • Genoa-Malta, 15-20 October: 10 places
    • Malta-Genoa, 29 October-3 November: 10 places

Book one of the deliveries with the Volvo 65 Sisi.

Delivery Agreement

  • Each participant is independently responsible for travel to and from the event and organizing on-site accommodation and meals.
  • Again, we want to point out that we are powerless against force majeure. In the case of gross damage to the ship or weather forecasts that make it impossible for us to sail (danger to people and ship), we cannot refund the costs for missed flights, transfers, or regattas. Therefore, planning at least one day in reserve for your return journey is best. We also recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance, as changes can occur at short notice during this uncertain time.
  • The crew consists of professional sailors from the Sisi team who have the know-how of the VO65 and will instruct you on the boat, internationally experienced sailors and some customers.
  • The entire crew is divided into shifts initially, so there is shift work when sleeping and sailing on deck.
  • Life jackets with AIS transponders are available on the boat. AIS transponders are mandatory on board.
  • Meals (organized by the team), marina mooring fee and diesel (i.e. all board cash costs) are already included in the ticket price.
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden on board.
  • When entering or transiting through other countries, note that you may need visas, ESTA, residence permits, medical certificates, etc.

Please note: Changes and postponements may occur. We, therefore, ask you to wait until you receive the final confirmation from us before booking accommodation or flights, etc., so that cancellations and postponements can be avoided.

The Team

Austrian Ocean Racing is a young and ambitious team of international sailors – with an Austrian core – who share the enthusiasm for offshore sailing. Their big goal was to take part in the Ocean Race 2023, and they did it. It all started in Alicante on January 8, 2023.

The team is on their way with Genoa as the home port and partner. The VO65 boat class does not drive the Ocean Race. That’s what the Ocean Race VO65 Sprint Cup is for. Three legs from Alicante to Cape Verde in January and then in June from Aarhus via The Hague to Genoa. Four in-port races are part of the program.

Please have a look at our events with Volvo 65 Sisi.

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