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Kali’s Atlantic Crossing St.Maarten-Cascais

Kali’s Atlantic Crossing St.Maarten-Cascais

Finally leaving St.Maarten

Kali’s Atlantic Crossing St.Maarten-Cascais started Mid May 2020.

Sailing Yacht Kali left St.Maarten after being in quarantine due to Covid-19 for almost two months. The Caribbean racing season ended promptly after some great racing at the Mount Gay Round Barbados Race in January! 😎 🇧🇧. A lot of fun with Swiss, Irish, Canadian and American sailors on board of Kali during the RORC Caribbean 600. And some great memories sailing the Heineken regatta in St. Maarten with an (in every sense) extraordinary crew and cruising in Antigua & Barbuda in March 2020.

Arriving in the Azores: priceless

5 June 2020: After 18 days, 2483 nautical miles – and a lot of it close-hauled 🌊– sailing it is nice to see such a beautiful piece of land appearing at the horizon. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to step ashore in Horta due to COVID-19 restrictions. But everyone in Horta is doing a great job providing the sailors with everything we would need. The crew is all well. Kali is now a happy and after a wash down unsalty boat again.

Summarizing our trip from St. Maarten to Faial:
▪️Freshly baked bread: about 3 times by Bene 🍞👍
▪️Fish caught: 0 🤷‍♀️
▪️Hoisting the storm jib: fortunately always on time
▪️Not salty clothes: getting rare on board
▪️First meal after the transat: a Gin Tonic 🍸

Ponta Delgada to Cascais

20 June 2020: We are on the way again: starting the last bit of the transatlantic crossing leaving Ponta Delgada heading towards Cascais 🇵🇹 We had a lovely time in the Azores, met many helpful and friendly people, the landscape is breathtaking and the food and wine was delicious 🍷. We will definitely be back 🔙 Kali’s Atlantic Crossing St.Maarten-Cascais finishes end of June arriving in Cascais.

Find out more about the Top 20 places to visit in Punta Delgada from a local or visit the official tourism website.

Next: Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy

Beneteau Frist 47.7 Kali entered the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy. This is the first health controlled offshore yacht race which starts on the 27th of June in Cascais, Portugal. The race will take place between Cascais and Sesimbra, Portugal. On the 28th of June we race back from Sesimbra to Cascais. Book on Beneteau First 47.7 Kali.

Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy



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