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Line honours Gotland Runt 2021 for Volvo 70 Green Dragon

Line honours Gotland Runt 2021 for Volvo 70 Green Dragon

We are happy to share that “The Good Bottle” branded VO70 Green Dragon won line honours of all classes in the Gotland Runt Offshore Race, the world´s largest annual offshore race that starts in the centre of Stockholm, with around 200 boats sailing through the Stockholm Archipelago, round the island of Gotland and finish at Sandhamn. Congratulations to Johannes Schwarz and the crew!

The Good Bottle

Presented to the world on the sails of this high-performance boat, the project “The Good Bottle” is an innovative package 100% biodegradable and was developed by the Mirpuri Foundation and Minho University for the welfare of humanity. This new material, firstly presented in the shape of a mineral water bottle in partnership with Água Monchique intends to make way for a profound transformation in the global industry. A historic milestone in combating plastic and preserving marine life conservation, as composition contains algae, which help to renew our oceans. More about The Good Bottle.

Gotland Runt

The worlds largest yearly offshore race Gotland Runt starts from Stockholm. Between 250 and 300 boats with crew start in the middle of the beautiful city of Stockholm. in the centre of Stockholm out through the Archipelago to round the island of Gotland and finish in the classic KSSS sailing port of Sandhamn. The course is app. 350 nm, the record is 27 hours 4 minutes and 9 seconds but for the majority, it takes almost 3 days and nights.

Gotland Runt is both a Swedish sailing classic for friends and for pleasure as well as a challenge for the very best professional teams from Northern Europe. The first race around Gotland started in 1937, now more than 80 years later the race Gotland Runt is a classic race.

Course Gotland Runt

The smallest and slowest boats start first and the biggest and fastest last. At Sandhamn the boats leave the Archipelago and sails out on the Baltic for the classic race Gotland Runt, a total length of app. 350 Nm which takes 2 – 3 days and nights to sail. All participants sail the same course except the beautiful old classic wooden boats that sail directly to Visby and back to Sandhamn. The Classic course is 247 Nm.

The finish is at Sandhamn with after sail on the KSSS sunny bridge followed by the prizegiving and a regatta dinner.

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Gotland Runt

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