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La Route du Jacques Cartier Cruising Training

Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Event date: 02/07/2020
  • Event end: 08/07/2020
  • When: JUL-SEP
  • Duration: 1 week

If you have never travelled to Nova Scotia in Canada then you are in for a treat. Nova Scotia owes its heritage to Atlantic Fisheries, Mining, Rum Running and Forestry and all of those industries have left a wealth of cultural and historical mementoes for visitors to explore and appreciate.  The main draw, however, is the great natural beauty working in harmony with the traditional architecture which creates a link with the past so meaningful and tangible that UNESCO declared Lunenburg, Nova Scotia a protected World Heritage site – and that’s exactly where we will be starting out from!

As we make our way to Quebec we will sight whales, Turtles, Dolphins and a plethora of birdlife on the coast before taking a short cut through Bras d’Or Lake which will give us a rare opportunity to take our offshore boats through an inland waterway and appreciate the stunning natural beauty of Nova Scotia in the summer.

After we exit the lake we head West past Gaspe and into the St.Lawrence waterway finally making our way right into Quebec City. Whilst the normal evets we do are characterized by the wide rolling vistas of the open ocean- this trip will be filled with constantly changing shoreline scenery, islands, canals, bridges and all the hubbub of life that occurs on the water close to land.

Whether you are joining us fresh for this trip, staying on after our last blue water voyage up from Bermuda or getting on board early before the upcoming Quebec – St. Malo (France) Transatlantic Race this coastal voyage through maritime Canada is sure to be a unique treat.

Jacques Cartier lead 3 exploration trips on the St. Lawrence going around Newfoundland. The Quebec-St.Malo race was created on the 450th anniversary of his arrival in Quebec.

Difficulty Level:

1500 €

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