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  • Event date: 12/07/2020
  • Event end: 24/07/2020
  • When: JUL-SEP
  • Duration: 2 weeks

Transat Québec Saint-Malo

The Transat Québec Saint-Malo Race occurs only every four years-so like the Vendee Globe it has special significance and weight compared to yearly regattas and events, Particularly for the inhabitants for Québec who have a special connection to the history the race recalls.

Start of the race is July 12, 2020

A once in a lifetime opportunity to sail down the wake of one of Canada’s founders.

Beginning in 1984 the event retraces the historic voyage of Jacques Cartier the Breton explorer who was the first to document what is now Québec, first Westerner to penetrate the mighty St.Lawrence River and indeed the very first to use the name ‘Canada’ to identify the new frontier he had discovered.

The race, therefore, is filled with strong sentiments of history, personal challenge and of pride- it is a rare thing indeed to be able to sail in the very wake of a founding father.

For this event, we will be using Volvo 60 ‘Challenger’. She will take 14 lucky crew (plus two professionals) on a once in a lifetime experience sailing East across the Atlantic to Cartier’s home port of St.Malo France. We will be competing in the ‘Open’ Division (boats longer dan 45 ft) which will include 6 x 60′ ocean racing monohulls all with charter crew giving us both a fair and balanced fleet in which to compete and a realistic chance of winning serious silverware!

Québec Saint Malo Course

The distance is almost 3,000 nautical miles (5,365 kilometres, 1 n.m. = 1.85 km), of which 376 n.m. are sailed in the St. Lawrence River. Monohulls will pass the 4 race markers in the St. Lawrence, and round Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon before undertaking the Atlantic crossing and making their way into Saint-Malo.

Package Québec Saint Malo 2020

Start July 12, 2020

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of team sailing a Volvo 60 against the legends of the world’s Premier offshore yacht race. They will be there-will you?

  • The skipper of Challenger gives you the opportunity to sail on a 60ft, 25kt+ capable, pro race boat in some of the world’s most prestigious regattas or on one of a number of ‘bucket list’  ocean crossing voyages.
  • You become an active member of our crew- not a passenger. You will assist with helming, sail trimming and all the normal duties of a crew member whilst having the opportunity to learn about weather routing, navigation, race tactics & short-handed sailing techniques from a highly experienced skipper and mate.
  • We provide the boat, a highly skilled professional crew, full safety training and total support throughout the voyage. So you have a great time whilst making either a HR objective or personal dream a reality.
  • Your skipper and mate are going to be there for your entire experience with us and will help you through every aspect of the adventure.  From learning about all the safety equipment present onboard right through to what to wear and what to pack- we can help you navigate the whole process. Find out more

3000 nm

We sail first up the St.Lawrence waterway before turning East & heading out into the Atlantic to complete a full Transatlantic voyage.

12 days

Two days safety training before heading out on the voyage will give you the ability to function as a proper member of the crew- not just a passenger

Transat Quebec St-Malo
Difficulty Level:

4230$ – 8000$

July 12, 2020: Start of the race.


    July 12, 2020: Start of the race.


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