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BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival InShore Races

Nanny Cay
  • Event date: 28/03/2022
  • Event end: 03/04/2022
  • When: JAN-MAR
  • Duration: 1 week

Compete in the 50th edition of the BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival 2021

One of the top three annual Caribbean sailing events, the BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival draws an average of 110 yachts, with 60% of competitors coming from overseas. Events during the Sailing Festival include The Nanny Cay Round Tortola Race. The three-day Spring Regatta race will cover racing along the Sir Francis Drake Channel, The Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  Each day will conclude with nightly entertainment with dancing on the beach, and local food vendors who will feature both local and international cuisine.

  • Warm Water- Hot Racing- Cool Parties
  • Get to know the British Virgin Islands as a paradise
  • Racing around the islands
  • Everybody meets in the harbour of Nanny Cay
  • Your feet in the sand while you listen to a live band with foods and drinks
  • Warm trade winds from the northeast
  • An average temperature of  25°C
  • Christal clear blue water
  • A lay day to explore the surroundings

Nanny Cay Challenge

The Nanny Cay Challenge was launched in 2010 when yachts visiting the BVI were invited to make an attempt to beat the latest Round Tortola Records.

The current outright and multihull record of 2 hours, 33minutes & 40 seconds is held by local BVI trimaran Triple Jack and was set on 30 April 2015.  Stephen & Heidi Benjamin´s TP52 Spookie, holds the monohull record of 3 hours, 8minutes & 43 seconds, which they won at the 2016 BVI Spring Regatta.

Scrub Island

Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina, a private-island resort in the British Virgin Islands, will host the Scrub Island Invitational race which takes place Wednesday and is expected to draw up to 50 boats to compete in a race from Nanny Cay Marina to Scrub Island. The exact course will depend on weather and conditions but will wind through many of the lush islands, offering racers breathtaking views as they make their way to Scrub Island. Upon conclusion, Scrub Island Resort will host the crews, their families and friends, and race officials for a special luncheon and party on the Grand Pavilion Patio, Donovan’s Beach and lower level of the main resort swimming pool. The festive afternoon celebration will feature live music, a barbeque lunch and speciality drinks.

A full diagram of the potential course routes and islands can be found here

Difficulty Level:

4500 €