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Swan 48 Montana

Swan 48 Montana


Sailing yacht “Montana” is an S&S Swan 48 and is number 28 of 46 models of this series built by Nautor’s in Finland from 1971 to 1975. The Nautor’s Swan yachts have always been called luxury class sailing yachts and are considered to be the safest and most beautiful in the world. The yacht, designed by Sparkman & Stephens, convinces by excellent sailing characteristics and her high comfort for the crew.
The ship is in an extraordinarily good condition and is still very close to the original design. There is also a new dinghy with 18 hp outboard engine available.

In contrast to modern ships, on which up to 10 berths can be chartered with this ship length, on the “Montana” you will find two exclusive cabins with two single berths and a wet room each, next to a large saloon.

For regattas and transatlantic crossings, an additional berth is available in the saloon. This is also a fully-fledged, exclusively usable berth with its own storage space. This berth enjoys great popularity especially on Atlantic cruises or in higher seas due to its location close to the turning point of the yacht. The “Montana” has a new Yanmar engine with 72 HP, which brings her safely to her destination even when the weather conditions do not allow sailing.

The yacht is equipped with the somewhat unusual heavy weather rig, which is characterized by a mast about 1m shorter than the light wind rig. On the regattas, this disadvantage is compensated by a corresponding rating. On holiday and Atlantic cruises it offers a higher level of safety.

Although the “Montana” is not a typical training ship, the training and further education of our guests play a significant role. Every trip on Montana increases the sailing abilities of the other sailors. The skipper Markus Bocks has already proven his competence as a sailing instructor at a German sailing school, and thus you can combine the beautiful with the useful and expand your wealth of experience on a holiday or Atlantic cruise. In particular, taking part in a regatta leads to expanding one’s own skills. On a regatta many sailing manoeuvres are practised, one gets to know the potential of the ship and gains the self-confidence to make the right decisions even in highly dynamic situations.

Atlantic crossing

An Atlantic crossing, on the other hand, is a completely different sailing experience. The Atlantic crossings with SY Montana are aimed at sailors who already have sailing experience. Furthermore, guests must be aware of what to expect. Before booking, a longer telephone call or even a personal meeting of the skipper with the potential sailors takes place. Here it is to be determined whether the expectations of the potential fellow sailors coincide with the conditions to be expected. After all, such an Atlantic crossing can last up to three weeks. The gain of sailing knowledge on such travels pertains to planning and controlling resources (e.g. catering, fuel, but also human resources), as well as navigation, weather planning, and communication. Furthermore, it is to consider that you are on your own on an ocean passage a long time and that is why you have to be self-sufficient when unexpected problems emerge. As already mentioned, SY Montana is a Swan 48 and therefore designed and built for exactly this way of sailing. Moreover, it is also specially equipped for it, which has been proven by an executed certification by SeeBG (German certification authority for ships).

One is in a close area with partly strangers for a long time and additionally, one may be physically challenged. If the team composition is right, this is an outstanding positive sailing experience for every sailor.


As the third version of sailing, regatta participation is offered. The S&S Swans were finally also designed as regatta yachts and it is a pleasure to continue in this tradition with Montana. There are still some S&S Swans 48’s to be found on the regatta courses today. However, some of them have already been heavily rebuilt for regatta use. Montana, however, is still very close to the original design. The resulting performance disadvantages are compensated by a corresponding rating. On regattas, the execution of sailing manoeuvers take an important role and will be trained accordingly. Teamwork and timing of the manoeuvers in a dynamic environment will be improved and the sailing limits of ship and crew will be experienced. Needless to say, the safety for crew and ship is always in the focus of all action.

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A wide range of sailing events is offered on SY Montana. First, there is the classic sailing holiday, where the emphasis is on stress-free sailing. Sailing holidays are offered in the Caribbean from January to May and in Europe from June to October. As skipper and host, Markus Bocks is on board Montana, these holidays are also suitable for sailing beginners. On these sailing holidays, the basics of sailing are conveyed and, if desired and with the appropriate previous knowledge of the guests, more, such as sailing under spinnaker. These sailing holidays are usually planned in such a way that the sailing distance can easily be covered in the time available, and therefore the individual wishes of the guests can be accommodated with regard to port or anchor stops. Markus Bocks has been sailing in the Caribbean for over 6 years and knows the most beautiful beaches, harbours, restaurants, anchorages and shore excursions.

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