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Christy MacLeod

Christy MacLeod

Three words to describe my experience with Sail Race Crew: Experts, Education, Adventure! The foundation for this is a wonderful feeling of welcome and support. To share a bit of my story, I was honestly personally a bit anxious and somewhat nervous to try the race and to do it solo, and from the moment I met Benedict and the crew at the Barbados Cruising Club on that first Sunday, it was a fantastic experience.

Not only was everyone so welcoming and open (we were a team representing 5 countries and I was the only person from the US), I learned so much and just had an amazing time. I really appreciated the opportunity to hear about all of the sailing stories and amazing experiences – on the water and off. For me, to be able to do such amazing sailing and also be able to be very involved with support from great coaching, patience and leadership was outstanding.

Benedict’s unwavering focus on safety first and ensuring that everyone knew very clearly what their role was was remarkable to me and from an HR and leadership perspective, I think that built an extremely strong feeling of collaboration and teamwork, which made for such a great experience. I would highly recommend anyone considering joining Sail Race Crew – you will have amazing sailing, a wonderful adventure and so much fun!