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Joanne Harpur

Joanne Harpur

Joanne Harpur – Business Woman

I recently completed the Southport, Queensland to Auckland, New Zealand voyage on Ocean Gem with David Hows. The boat was very well prepared with systems thought out and functional. The food was a highlight and very practical and nutritious. David led an adventure with good humour and patience throughout the trip.

I met three other new crew members and we five aboard combined well. The trip included the unpredictable; some nautical, some not. We had very benign weather for the entire crossing with 7 days to Opua, New Zealand, then a delightful 17-hour cruise down the coast to Auckland, followed by a post-cruise dinner on Waiheke Island. Offshore sailing is not always fun, it can be cold, tiring, and unforgiving. Would I sail with David Hows on Ocean Gem again? Absolutely. The Brisbane to Hamilton Island race is looking good…