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Kevin Holland

Kevin Holland

Kevin Holland – Retired

It was with great trepidation and uncertainty that I first contacted David in regard to obtaining a place on the Tasman Sea crossing from Auckland, New Zealand via Norfolk Island to Southport, Australia. While I had done a lot of dingy sailing in the past, I had no experience in passage sailing and lacked confidence in my ability. What a wonderful opportunity this proved to be for me. I loved every exciting moment of the experience from the 1,681nm distance, to the raging seas, 16.1-knot speed record surfing 2-3 metre swells in up to 25-knot winds, to being on the helm alone during the night watch, hardly believing that I was actually doing this, to swimming in shark-infested waters at Norfolk Island and being allowed to be hoisted to the top of the 17-metre mast to untangle a couple of loose halyards in the dark. What more could one ask?

David is a true gentleman, a wonderful mentor and the type of person I aspire to be like. Nothing was a problem for him or the others. I never was made to feel bad for making mistakes and this provided an opportunity to improve, improvise and learn. My experience was further enhanced by the two other fantastic crewmates in Lena and Steve.