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Mark Gallick

Mark Gallick

Mark Gallick – NSW Trains

Sailing with David Hows was a great experience and made me realise – yes I do want to get another sailboat. As I read through some of the other testimonials on this page everyone seems to say the same things, especially how “safe and comfortable” David makes everyone feel. After spending a week with David, I would have to agree, as that was my experience from the time David met me at Hamilton Island Airport, until he dropped me off at the Gold Coast Airport and all 600nm onboard Ocean Gem in between.

I would have liked to stop at more islands on the trip, but I didn’t think about the 30-40 knot winds that were forecast three days down the track. David’s cautious planning meant we arrived at the destination 4 hours before the winds picked up. David made everything seem so easy and effortless, but I know it was his experience and forward planning that made it possible. I look forward to sailing with him again. Thanks again David. P.S. I also enjoyed the food!