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TP52 Conviction is ready for the RORC Caribbean 600 2018

TP52 Conviction is ready for the RORC Caribbean 600 2018

We are ready for the Caribbean 600 that starts today (Monday, February 19th, 2018). TP52 Conviction has a crew from Russia, England and Barbados.

TP52 Conviction Caribbean 600
TP52 Conviction Caribbean 600
The 10th edition of the RORC Caribbean 600 is likely to be the fastest and possibly toughest race in the ten-year history of the Caribbean 600 mile classic. Over 20 knots is predicted for the first three days, with gusts in excess of 30 knots. A moderate to rough sea state is also forecast, which will add to the exhilarating conditions. A record entry of 88 yachts has entered the tenth edition of the RORC Caribbean 600, 800 sailors from six continents and over 22 nations, will compete in the thrilling race around 11 Caribbean islands.

Conviction’s second training day for the RORC Caribbean 600

The RORC Caribbean 600 Race Course

Course Caribbean 600

RORC Caribbean 600 2018 Race Preview


Record Braking Weather conditions

At the briefing, a weather update was presented by world-class navigator Wouter Verbraak, Head of Sevenstar Racing Yacht Logistics. He confirmed that weather models predict that the first three days of the race will see strong trade winds:
“Strong high pressure over the North West Atlantic is squeezing the trade winds and accelerating the wind speed,” explained Verbraak. “We could see 22-26 knots of gradient winds for three days with a slight decrease forecast on Thursday 22nd February. Competitors should be aware of the potential for squall activity during the race. On Monday evening, squalls could bring 30 knots of wind down to the surface. A significant wave height is predicted with two metres at the start of the race, building to three metres by Wednesday.”


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