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Video launch of new brand & website

Video launch of new brand & website

I am proud to present you the new brand and new website of Sail Race Crew in this challenging time.
Mid-March 2020 we had to break up our sailing season and had to cancel all upcoming events that were booked by individuals and teams due to COVID-19. My world became very small: social distancing, staying and working from home and without travelling. But I used this time in quarantine to work hard on presenting you an even better overview of boats and events. With the new website, your world can grow bigger again and you can start dreaming of your next sailing adventure. As just like you we are all eager to go sailing again in the near future. I hope the new website will trigger your enthusiasm and gives you some good vibes. And when the ‘new normal’ is there, I hope booking your new sailing event is much easier.
Dream Now, Sail Later
Picture SRC - launch website and brand - Grande
The sea
The wind
The sun and the stars
All waiting for you to return to what you like the most
Soon you’ll sail around the world
Racing and devouring miles or cruising along
From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean Sea
From the North Sea to the Tasmanian Sea
Crossing the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans
And we will be here to accompany you, with a new brand and a new website
– Better to navigate
– More logical
– More powerful and
– Closer to you
Because even if the world is changing
We will never give up our passion:
Providing you with your number one sailing experience
Lets’ Go Sailing!

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